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Member Forum

We have changed the member forum again to a Meetup Group. Please take the time to come join. You will receive reminders of our monthly meetings, be able to access a calendar with future meetings noted, create or join in discussions, upload photos, and much more.

All current members should have received an email invitation to join the new group.

The Three Rivers EVA Meetup Group has been created as a way of keeping in touch with other Three Rivers EVA members. You DO NOT have to join the forum in order to belong to the club. It is just an alternate form of communication.

If there is something really important that your club officers feel everyone needs to know, we will send it by email in addition to posting it to the forum or putting it on the EVA Events page.

Come over and join us at the Three Rivers EVA Meetup Group! The more people who come and visit and post, the more interesting it will be.

Our old forum on Yahoo Groups is being phased out, and eventually will be deleted. Please switch to the Meetup Group as soon as possible.