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Price of Gas
got you down?

Switch to Electric!

Dealerships have previously leased or previously owned Electric Vehicles for sale for decent prices.

Do your research, and know what you are looking for, because sometimes the salesmen don't know a lot about the electric vehicles.

Adam Solar Rides

Featuring eBikes, eBoards and Tours! Check out their website for the various eBikes they offer.

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Miscellaneous Electric Parts and Components. Electric Bike parts and accessories.

Availability of items listed subject to change.
Plugless Facts, News and Reviews

Get the latest from the Plugless and the EV community.

They have a wide variety of articles, all about electric vehicles. For example:

28 Different EVs Can Cover 100% of Daily Driving on Pure Electric Power

How Far Can You Really Drive in an Electric Vehicle? EV Range Comparison Map

Images speak louder than words. To visualize EV range numbers, check out the link.

Interested in Wireless Charging for your electric vehicle?

Check out Plugless.

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