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Several members of the Three Rivers have businesses dealing with electric vehicles.

PA Electrics -

PA Electrics advocates and encourages the use of electric powered vehicles, ranging from inexpensive bicycles and scooters, to the more expensive highway speed vehicles. Not Hybrids, but pure electric vehicles of all types, that do not require gasoline to run.

They have several Liberty Electric Bike models and models from several other companies available for sale.

Sterling Sports Cars -

New Sterling owners now have the opportunity to choose a Sterling kit to fit their budget and skill level. The timeless style of the Sterling component car of the 70’s with its classic VW chassis is still the most popular version. It is one of the easiest and quickest kit cars to build at a great price.

Sterling kit cars are very cool - check them out.

Most use regular ICE (internal combustion engines/gas) but there are a few electric versions too. Visit the Eco Sterling page to see them.

Several members or their spouses have businesses not related to electric vehicles.

Mommy's Thimble Blog -

Mommy's Thimble Store -