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1981 Jet Industries Electrica 007 electric car. Car was built all electric from the factory.

Have original manuals for the car.

Car only has 10,700 miles. Car uses 20 6 Volt golf cart batteries, 5 in the front and 15 in the back. Batteries all need to be replaced. Good candidate for a battery upgrade.

Has dc to dc converter, newer battery charger and controller. Will include original charger and controller in the sale, even though they have been removed from the car.

Car is in good shape but could use a good paint job, and some interior work (carpet, etc.) due to age and sun.

Car Color: Silver/gray
Asking Price: $2,000
Located in Murrysville, PA
Car is titled and registered as a PA Antique Vehicle.

Call 724-387-8210, please leave message if no answer.

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Sterling Sports Cars -

Selling Body and Chassis Kits for your next alternative powered vehicle project. Quick and easy to build. Composite body bolts on to the classic VW frame giving your electric Beetle conversion a stylish new look. The car body also allows for more battery options and the total weight is 1200 lbs, less engine.

Basic body package with glass installed starts at only $9,500.
Chassis with adjustable suspension and brakes starts at $2,500.
Inquire about turn-key cars from builders or dealers.
Sterling Sports Cars also offers School and University Package deals.


Anyone interested in an Electric Vehicle that needs some work to make it fully functional again? It is a 2006 Toyota Scion that was converted to electric by Carnegie Mellon University as part of their Charge Car Program.

Make us an offer and if the price is right - it is YOURS to take home...

2006 Scion Conversion
Click picture for larger version.

Ad id #900206201790

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